About Oink Ink

Oink Ink

Oink Ink writes, casts, directs and produces radio spots.  And unless you’re Motel 6, we can improve what you currently have on the air.  We work with agencies, directly with brands, and tv networks. Every step of the way…writing, re-writing, punching up, casting, directing actors…no one works harder at making you look good on radio.

Dan Price

Dan is a partner and Executive Producer at Oink.  He’s been in studios longer than Neumanns.  He knows what makes actors tick, what they react to, what works and what doesn’t.  Dan also serves as Co-CD.


Jim Price

Jim is a partner and Creative Director.  He’s written more scripts than Tyler Perry on Red Bull. With one difference, he throws some out because they aren’t good enough.


Sarah Hicks

Sarah is Oink’s spackle.  She fills any crack so no detail could fall between even if it wanted do.  She’s the answer person and is located on the west coast, so feel free to email her at 10 PM.