About Oink Ink

Oink Ink

Oink Ink writes, casts, directs and produces radio spots.  And unless you’re Motel 6, we can improve what you currently have on the air.  We work with agencies, directly with brands, and tv networks. Every step of the way…writing, re-writing, punching up, casting, directing actors…no one works harder at making you look good on radio.

Dan Price
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Dan is a partner and Executive Producer at Oink.  For nearly 30 years, Dan has been a sought-after director of talent, and has produced the majority of Oink’s commercials over the years.  He’s been in studios longer than Neumanns.  He knows what makes actors tick, what they react to, what works and what doesn’t.

Dan is also a contributing writer, co-creative director, and manages the business operations for the entity.


Jim Price
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Jim is a partner here at Oink as well as Copywriter and Creative Director.  Jim’s written more scripts than Tyler Perry on Red Bull. With one difference, he throws some out because they aren’t good enough.

In addition to being Oink’s most prolific writer, Jim oversees strategizing & concepting; generates our internal briefs, manages our vast pool of freelance writers, directs our creative efforts and basically oversees the entire creative process.  

Jim also directs/produces various sessions and is an integral part of our voice casting service. 


Danielle Malizia
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Danielle joined Oink from Citco Fund Services where she held a senior level position and brings with her extensive experience in the business world. She now serves in many capacities and wears many hats here at Oink.  Danielle works on the production end of things, coordinating all details for sessions, processing talent paperwork and handling end of job completion projects.  She also coordinates Oink’s business development initiatives, which include our marketing efforts, client outreach, social media and database management.  Danielle has a B.A. in Marketing from St. Joseph’s University and earned an MBA in Accounting from LaSalle University.


Rachel Bretschneider
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Rachel graduated from Fairfield University with a B.S. in Accounting. She spent over four years in the fast-paced world of public accounting, during which she obtained her CPA license. She then made the decision to move to the private sector which is how she found her way to Oink, and we couldn’t be happier that she did. Her love of spreadsheets, organizational skills, and analytical nature keep Oink running smoothly and efficiently on the back end.


Tori Adams

Tori graduated from Ithaca College with a degree in Television and Radio studies.  She joins Oink as an Assisstant Producer and brings with her an abundance of knowledge and experience that she gained from her time working at CBS Television, Buzzfeed and Glass Entertainment.

Tori’s main focus is on the production end of things here at Oink; coordinating all details for sessions, processing talent paperwork, handling end-of-job completion projects, and assisting with coordination of casting sessions.  Her skills are not just limited to production though, she also assists with database management, social media outreach and endless other projects.  Tori is a very welcomed addition to the Oink team.