One size doesn't fit all. That's why we customize ads automatically and in real time by a listener's gender, age, location, music preference and a whole lot more.

Advance Auto

Hear how Dynamic works by selecting the personalized options below.

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Offers can be personalized with tremendous utility based on factors such as weather.


For years we've been known to make ads that speak to people. Now our ads can speak with them. Interactive audio allows mobile listeners to respond and engage on their voice-enabled devices.


Engagement is key, because it's not enough to merely solicit a 'yes' or 'no' from listeners. We give them the chance to participate.


Being relevant is the best way to hold a listener's interest. After all - who among us can't relate to this experience?


Interactive offers great utility. What better platform to conduct surveys and harvest data, all in real time?


Here's a sample ad where listeners can literally play along. With Interactive, we can even set an automatic tune-in reminder.

Liberty Mutual

As listeners engage, we can automatically open a web page or download an app on their device.

Short Form

Got a second? Varying ad lengths can increase effectiveness. Short form ads play a crucial role in piquing interest, especially when paired with 30-second ads to drive conversions.


How do you get results? One step at a time. Sequential messaging allows ads to be served in a specific order to engage listeners in your brand's story. Best of all, our use of this powerful technology can execute it at scale.

Data enables personalized radio. Oink enables it to be creative.