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Instreamatic Taps Price Brothers as Creative Partner

Newly launched digital audio boutique Price Brothers has been tapped for creative and production services by voice dialogue platform Instreamatic.

A spinoff of long-time radio ad shop Oink Ink, Price Brothers was formed to meet the need for creative solutions for brands growing increasingly interested in new digital tools such as interactive audio.

“We’d been developing campaigns in the digital space for four years now and decided to carve-off a new entity that would focus solely on initiatives like dynamic audio &
interactive, as well as podcasting,” says Price Brothers co-founder Dan Price. “We wanted to position ourselves as the guys already doing great creative by the time brands would
eventually become comfortable implementing the new technologies.”

One of those new technologies is interactive voice ads from Instreamatic served on voice-activated devices. It enables listeners to personally engage with audio ads in an interactive dialog. And it was Price Brothers’ early work with the platform that caught the eye of the developers of the technology. Simon Dunlop, CMO at Instreamatic says, “In approaching the creative for this innovative new audio advertising format, Price Brothers was able to quickly grasp its storytelling power and deliver outstanding ideas and production for us and really bring the format to life.”

As creative partner to the platform, Price Brothers will be called-upon when brands wish to elevate their interactive concepts. It’s all about the experience, says Price. “I think a lot of early users aren’t used to testing the limits of the tool. They set up their ads to react in a certain way based on a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response from the listener. We look for ways to involve the listener; we make him or her a participant in the dialog and even drive how the experience unfolds. That’s true engagement.”

Stas Tushinskiy, CEO & Co-Founder at Instreamatic, echoes the sentiment. “The Price Brothers were among the very few producing really smart Interactive ads right from the beginning.”

Since May Price Brothers has also completed an ambitious dynamic audio effort for long time client Staples and continues to produce the podcast “The Pod Spotter.”


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