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Tori Adams (right) has joined Oink as Assistant Producer. Her responsibilities include casting coordination, project scheduling/completion, talent coordinator, and spot trafficking. Adams graduated from Ithaca College in May of 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Television and Radio Studies, a minor in Legal Studies, and a minor in Communications. Previously, she worked in Los Angeles as an intern at CBS’s soap opera Bold and The Beautiful and at BuzzFeed Motion Pictures. She also worked as a Research Assistant on a religious documentary series for Glass Entertainment Group in Philadelphia.

“With Danielle and Tori on board, Dan and I are looking forward to their creative spirits and the contributions they will make toward serving our clients,” said Oink partner Jim Price. “We’ve been at this for 25 years, and the last few have really exploded for us. We’re happy to work with a new generation of talent to continue that tradition.”


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