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Audio marketing doesn’t get a whole lot of love or attention, but two radio veterans are out to get a little more respect for the rising audio sector with the launch of digital audio creative agency Price Brothers.

Jim and Dan Price are the founders of Oink Ink, a company founded in 1992 that creates audio ads and has worked with some of the most recognized brands and agencies in the industry. Their ads have been recognized by Cannes, the Radio Mercury Awards, Clios and Promax.

The Price Brothers will offer creative services for ad platforms that some brands may not yet have discovered, such as dynamic and interactive. With dynamic, data like location, weather and device usage can be determined about the listener, allowing brands to talk to listeners individually at scale.

“Digital audio technology exploded so quickly that it outpaced creative. That’s where we saw an opportunity,” Dan Price, co-founder of Price Brothers, said in a statement. “While the tech guys are developing new platforms and vehicles to support ads, we wanted to get out in front and put energy into making great creative to make the most of that technology.”

“Using the available data, we’re able to tell a story in a specific way so you hear a different version of the ad than Joe Blow might, because you’re in a different location or you’ve heard the ad three times and Joe’s heard it four,” he continued.

Price went on to say that with digital audio, the consumption is different than traditional over-the-air radio. Since the patterns and usage are different, the creative should match.

Stas Tushinskiy, CEO and co-founder at Instreamatic Interactive, Price Brothers partner, said in a statement: “The Price Brothers were among the first to reach out to us and among very few producing really smart Interactive ads right from the beginning,” Instreamatic Interactive CEO and co-founder Stas Tushinskiy said in a statement.

In August of 2020, the Price Brothers launched their first podcast, The Pod Spotter, which was recently honored by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.

Source: adweek

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